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Our Vision

The Lidia Frederico Project is a non-profit organisation and is currently seeking funds for a new wellness/holistic/healing centre for the London community.
The centre objective is to work closely with other charity organisations and social services to help those who need help, guidance, counselling, training and support in any area of their life.
The centre will host an internet café, library, computer facilities, a help-line and provide a variety of classes and workshops including  yoga, more confidence, meditation, how to manage your finances, alternative health practices such as homemade herbal remedies, how to improve your relationships, tips for job seekers and job interviews, spiritual guidance and many more. The aim is to provide people with the knowledge and skills, which enable them to help themselves.
Help us make this centre a reality with your generous donations!

The Lidia Frederico Project, former know as Global Light Project, was formed in November 2009.  Our main objective is to enable the lives of those who are suffering emotionally, mentally and physically. We are a body of people who have come together to create harmony and to obliterate discord in everyones lives. LFP is a non-profit organisation, who have brought together a team of professional practitioners who specialise, in counselling, therapy and alternative healing. We all have a strong belief in the universe and as such subscribe to the thinking that togetherness brings unity, which is available to one and all.  So by sharing this concept, we will further empower the lives of others.

-Sponsor us and the causes we support

-Collaborate with us (for organisations)

-Attend our fundraising events

- Volunteer (e.g. help out organising events or at the event or give free talks or sessions in your area of expertise)

-Train with us

 Help us make this vision of the centre a reality or assist us through collaboration, sponsorship or donations.