Global Light Project

The Lidia Frederico Project is a non-profit organisation dedicated to help people clear obstacles and find fulfilment in every area of their life: health, finance, relationships, career, personal development and spirituality. We do this by providing information, practical advice, courses, training and individual sessions. 

Founded in London in 2009 by Baroness Lidia Antunes-Frederico and a team of supporters, the Lidia Frederico Project is currently working towards opening a centre for support, teaching and healing in London to assist those in need. We aim to give everybody access to a range of professionals and services including conventional and alternative health practices such as acupuncture, dental care, hypnotherapy, yoga or NLP, to business, financial and relationship advice, stress reduction, feng shui and energetic personal, home and business clearing. 

We plan to open many more centres and projects worldwide and are currently setting up a directory of tried and trusted service providers and professionals in a range of different fields.

The Lidia Frederico Project is currently funded by donations and fundraising events. We are also interested in sponsorships and collaboration.

Lidia Frederico Project events range from social events such as themed parties, single events, networking or family events to spiritual events and personal development events such as talks and workshops on health, wealth, relationships, science and other subjects.

Lidia Frederico Project Values


​The Lidia Frederico Project prides itself on the following ethics, morals and values which are fast becoming lost in society as a whole today. Mutual respect, honesty, integrity, compassion and tolerance, joy and laughter.  Civility at all times to others and of course love, which encompasses all of the above.  All too often in todays society these fundamentals are being diluted, to the extent that everything is now acceptable, people do as they please, and are quite content in apportioning or displacing blame on another irrespective of any of the potential consequences.  Our aim is to re-establish and encourage these traits in all we come into contact with, which in turn enables the individuals self worth and self confidence within themselves.


We at lidiafredericoproject.com will:

* Act in the best interest of our clients and globallightproject.com.
* Treat clients, patients and members of the public with respect and courtesy.
* Always have a chaperone present when supplying spiritual, mediumistic and psychic services to people under the age of 18.
* Always seek parental consent in writing when supplying spiritual, mediumistic and psychic services to people under the age of 18.
* Always have a chaperone present when supplying spiritual, mediumistic and psychic services to those who could be considered vulnerable
* Always seek owner's written consent when supplying spiritual, mediumistic and psychic services to animals.
* Accept that we all have limitations and should therefore be ready to seek advice, help and assistance from those whose experience may be greater than ours.
* Respect the beliefs, philosophy and creeds of others
* Keep any information acquired in the course of our work confidential unless it is required by law or it is contrary to the public interest.
*Work within the Data Protection Act
*Work within the law of the UK and/or the country in which we are working.

Lidiafredericoproject.com will not:

* Break the Code of Conduct
* Falsify any documentation. This includes, but is not limited to: records, reference forms, membership of organisations, training, awards, certification, and qualifications.
* Make unsubstantiated claims                                                                                             
* Use unacceptable behaviour towards a client, colleague or any member of the public. Unacceptable behaviour includes but is not limited to the following: verbal or physical assault, provocation, threat, profane language or insolence, sexual intimidation, harassment, bullying.
* Discriminate against anyone on grounds of race, politics, religion, creed, age, sexuality, ability or in any other way that contravenes discrimination laws, the Core Values or the Seven Spiritual Principles of globallightproject.com.
* Behave in a way that is likely to bring globallightproject.com into disrepute or reflect badly on ourself.