Sponsor a school and help them provide the means for children to have the education that they truly deserve in a safe, balanced and above all happy enviroment.


We are keen to build relations and work closely with businesses and other organisations in London and across the globe. Lidia Frederico Project welcomes joint venture collaborations with other organisations and is looking to work with those who share a similar vision. Help us make this vision a reality with your corporate support or sponsorship.

Sponsor a child and provide her the essencial needs that every child deserves, making a childs furutre a much brighter and happier one!.​





Donate to Lidia Frederico Project so we are able to provide the necessry support to many of the causes we sponsor and help.



All our team members are volunteers, offering their services to us without any recompense, but to further enhance their own growth, in all areas of their lives.  They all donate financially on a regular basis to enable the growth of the LFP, because they all believe in our ethos.  We are all committed to help those in need, with the conviction that as our own lives are constantly evolving in a positive way, it is vitally important that we pay It forward to all those who also need emotional  support. We are all very passionate and have a purpose, along with joy and gratitude in our hearts. Which we hope will have a positive knock on effect on all those who need to utilise our services.  We are extremely grateful for all the support received thus far to the Lidia Frederico  Project.