Closer to home, Global Light Project is committed to supporting those, who wish to develop their skillset for the working environment. Many people have a desire to seek work, but alas lack many of the necessary skills to even be considered for a role which could further empower an individual.

Our team consists of many professionals from all walks of life, who volunteer to share their knowledge and skills to those who require support. Our overall ethos is to enable many back into the working environment, by way of providing the necessary training at highly subsidised rates. Along with further enhancing an individual’s confidence and self esteem. We aim to have our courses and classes certified by the relevant governing bodies.


Over the past three years, Global Light Project, has participated in facilitating various charities and their causes.  The charities supported, have predominately been in the developing world, by way of funding for operations for children born with cleft palate, also known as the Smile Charity.

We hold numerous events, both online and offline, which support these causes, and more importantly the ethics and principals with which we embody, to ENABLE those who are in greater need than ourselves.


'Pantiasuhan Orphanage, Borobudur, Indonesia

We believe our children hold the keys to creating a balanced, harmonious and abundant planet in the near future. Whilst many children in developed countries have the good fortune of free education, a national welfare system and the love of the parents, this is not the case for millions of orphans across the world.




The Pantiasuhan Orphanage in the heart of Indonesia provides a home, education and skill-development for 183 vulnerable children. Founded by Triesna Endang and her husband, Habib, the orphanage provides vital life support, learning and preparation for adulthood. They hold a vision for the orphanage to be economically self-sustaining through arable and fish farming, which they have begun recently.
In order for the orphanage to provide a good quality of education, healthy meals and adequate clothing an shelter, they require much more public donations to sustain themselves. In addition, GLP are helping raise funds for them to renovate an old building that will be a home to some of the children. Further support is needed to help develop their fish farms from which they can consume and sell on at the local market.

Raising 183 children is no mean feat. The cost of feeding one child three meals a day is £30 a month and £4,590 for all the children. It will take approximately £26,000 to provide thirty of the children somewhere suitable to live. Every generous donation and/or fund-raising activities will make a massive difference. So, how about joining us in our project now?


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